Home & Family Expo

Spring!  A fertile time to cultivate new business...the perfect time, in fact, to promote the good life for your customers and your company by exhibiting your newest, most innovative products and services at the Home & Family Expo.

    The show will provide exhibits and demonstrations related to home and garden improvement, family health and nutrition products, favorite hobbies and preferred pastimes. There will be something of interest for every guest.

    The Expo is a unique marketing extravaganza–one unmatched in Utah County. And it’s effective.

    Why?  Because business owners quickly discover they can reach more people in two days at the Expo than can be reach in two months of traditional marketing. Moreover, you can see them face-to-face, interact with them, and begin the all-important process of building relationships, establishing trust, and creating sales.

    Exhibitors aren’t the only people who return to this special event year after year: Visitors do, as well, because they enjoy learning about new products and services in a relaxed, friendly, under-one-roof atmosphere.

    Advertising and public relations techniques that have been fine-tuned for a decade are used to promote The Home & Family Expo, thereby assuring a high turnout.  Exhibitors who sign up early receive complimentary, personalized VIP admission tickets for their prospects and customers, as well as posters for door or window displays, and other helpful marketing tools.

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Show Directors
Ron Payne -
801 372-3300
Craig Conover - 801.420.1289

Booth Pricing

All booths are 10' wide and 10' deep inside the exhibit building and come with draped back wall, side curtains, table, and 2 chairs. Electrical connections are provided free in selected locations.

Single Booth $550
Corner Booth $600
Additional Booths $400

Bulk space available inside, call for pricing. Outside space also available, call for pricing.